Monday, June 28, 2010

Xray T3 first trial by P.Y.Tang at RCI

P.Y.Tang took a test at his new Xray T3 at Racecraft Infinity this past weekend. It was freshly build and right out from the box, P.Y. stated that the Xray T3 is very easy to drive and yet very aggressive which suits his driving style. The build quality is very good and fitting of parts are very easy and precise. Factory-assembled differential and front solid-axle made the build easier. With the stock setup, P.Y. managed to clock a fastest lap of 16.0sec at RCI. He did not change much setting on his Xray T3 except that he changed the stock 48-pitch to a 114T 64-pitch spur gear which he prefers the smoother feel. More testing will be done to fine tweak the settings of the T3 and the new electronics and battery from ORCA at RCI this week to prepare for the upcoming race in Malaysia.

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