Sunday, June 20, 2010

ZTW and H-Energy tops 4WD GT Class at Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 4 (June 30, 2010)

Round 4 of the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 was held at Racecraft Infinity at the Bottle Tree Park. Four main classes of Super Stock, Mini, F1 and 4WD GT attracted over 50 entries in total.

In the qualifying rounds of 4WD GT Class, P.Y.Tang tops the group with the only 19 laps of the day at 5:15.276 with the fastest laptime of 16.188s, followed by Alvin Koh 18 laps 5:02.002 and Chee Lip Keong 18 laps 5:04.651.

In the 4WD GT A-Main Finals, P.Y.Tang outpaced the rest by winning all 3 finals, and setting another fastest laptime of 15.967s after some setup changes to make the car more aggressive. The 2nd overall position was still opened until the decisive Final A3 between Chee Lip Keong and Alvin Koh, which showed Chee Lip Keong's TA05R is much more powerful out of the corners and pressuring Alvin Koh right from the start of Final A3. Alvin Koh was able to stay calm closing every driving line not allowing Chee Lip Keong to pass, to finish 2nd overall.

4WD GT A-Main

1st P.Y.Tang (ZTW, H-Energy)
2nd Alvin Koh
3rd Chee Lip Keong (ZTW, H-Energy)

P.Y.Tang and Chee Lip Keong TA05R is powered by ZTW 60A ESC Version 2.0 and H-Energy 5000Mah 7.4V LiPo. Both drivers are very happy with the performance of the high punch of the ZTW ESC and the consistent power that the H-Energy LiPo delivers. ZTW high punch characteristics allows the stock motor to reach its top speed faster, and both P.Y. and CLK used profile 1 out of 4 for the Initial Acceleration setting.

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