Thursday, January 6, 2011

H-Energy New LiFe Receiver Hump Pack Type 2 for 1/8 Serpent 811 Buggy @ Quantum!

New H-Energy 1400Mah 6.6V Hump Pack Type 2 in store now @ Quantum!

Specially designed for use in the 1/8th Serpent 811 Off-Road Buggy, it fits perfectly in the receiver pack box. High performance and high reliability LiFe technology eliminates the use of LiPo voltage regulator. Also suitable for other similar applications.

Type: LiFe Receiver Pack Hump Type 2 For 1/8th Gas Buggy or equivalent
Capacity: 1400Mah
Nominal Voltage: 6.6V
Discharge Rate: 5c
Size TxWxL: Approximately 29*30*56mm

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