Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ken Ng of H-Energy A-Main Finalist at Thunder Tiger Cup Off-Road Grand Final 2010 (December 19, 2010)

Ken Ng proved again the performance of the H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah 6.6V Receiver Stick Pack to be a reliable power source for his Xray 808 1/8 Nitro Buggy at the Thunder Tiger Cup Off-Road Grand Final 2010 in Malaysia, qualifying 4th in the A-Main. Ken Ng posted the 4th fastest qualifying time at 10 laps 5:06.080. TQ holder went to Roy JJ at 11 laps 5:26.035 who will also be switching to H-Energy receiver pack in the 2011 season.
Ken Ng started off well in the finals but having some trouble with his rear gear diff, dropping him down the pack, and finishing 11th overall in the A-Main.

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