Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orca 4 A-Main Finalist in Brushless Open 11.5T and 4 B-Main Finalists in Modified at TITC 2011 (February 27, 2011)

Team Orca successfully piloted 4 drivers into the A-Main of the Brushless Open 11.5T in the recent Thailand International Touring Car Championships (TITC) 2011. A revamped Team Orca from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, with the new Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec MK2 speedo made its name during the event, easily seen to be the most powerful and fastest ESC for 11.5T class. Although the results would have been much better due to some mishaps during the qualifying heats and finals for Team Orca drivers, the new product from Orca proved to be the brand to beat in upcoming events and continue to be topping the classes.

Here are the qualifying and final results for Team Orca drivers at TITC 2011.

Qualifying Standings (Open Brushless 11.5T)
A-Main 3rd: Jackie Siow - Malaysia - Xray/Orca
A-Main 4th: Azri Amri - Malaysia - Kyosho/Orca
A-Main 7th: P.Y.Tang - Singapore - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge RC/H-Energy
A-Main 9th. Chau Man - Hong Kong - Xray/Orca
B-Main 1st: Siow Woon Fong - Malaysia - Sakura/Orca
B-Main 5th: Antoni Caretti - Australia - Yokomo/Orca
B-Main 8th: Ron Chen - Taiwan - Xray/Orca
C-Main 7th: Michael Lo - Malaysia - Schumacher/Orca

Qualifying Standings (Modified)
B-Main 5th: P.Y.Tang - Singapore - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge RC/H-Energy
B-Main 6th: Chau Man - Hong Kong - Xray/Orca
B-Main 7th: Azri Amri - Malaysia - Kyosho/Orca
B-Main 10th: Antoni Caretti - Australia - Hotbodies/Orca
C-Main 1st: Jackie Siow - Malaysia - Xray/Orca

Final Standings (Open Brushless 11.5T)
A-Main 6th: P.Y.Tang - Singapore - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge/H-Energy
A-Main 7th: Chau Man - Hong Kong - Xray/Orca
A-Main 8th: Jackie Siow - Malaysia - Xray/Orca
A-Main 9th: Azri Amri - Malaysia - Kyosho/Orca
B-Main 7th: Siow Woon Fong - Sakura/Orca
B-Main 8th: Antoni Caretti - Yokomo/Orca
B-Main 9th. Ron Chen - Xray/Orca

Final Standings (Modified):
B-Main 4th: Chau Man - Hong Kong - Xray/Orca
B-Main 5th: P.Y.Tang - Singapore - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge/H-Energy
B-Main 9th: Antoni Caretti - Australia - Hotbodies/Orca
B-Main 10th: Azri Amri - Malaysia - Kyosho/Orca

Team Orca drivers are equipped with the Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec MK2 ESC, Orca Infinite 6000 60C LiPo, Orca RX-2 Professional Brushless Motor, OrcaQ QX1 Brushless Racing Motor, Orca 16V Capacitor Plate, Orca Power Boost.

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