Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Orca TQ and win for 4WD GT and Super Stock at the Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying 2011 Round 1 (March 13, 2011)

Long awaited the 14th Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Championship 2011 held at Racecraft Race Complex after a long break since the Tamiya Asia Cup Finals Manila in September 2010. Adding a new class this year is the FWD Class, along with 4WD GT, Super Stock, Mini and F1. Track layout was fairly technical in the in-field with tight chicanes. Running sensorless brushless system for all classes this year, there are some changes in strategies to produce a faster and reliable car.

In the 4WD GT class, P.Y.Tang of Team Orca powered his Tamiya TA05 V2 to top the group taking TQ spot and the extra points for best qualifying lap at 12.747s. Chee Lip Keong H-Energy 6000 60C powered Tamiya TA05 V2 who did not really get a clean run qualified 2nd and first-timer E.C.Wee qualified 3rd in his Orca powered Tamiya TB03 although having some troubles with the drivetrain.

In the 4WD GT finals, P.Y.Tang took 1st for all 3 finals was lucky to avoid some traffic, while Chee Lip Keong an E.C.Wee battled out for the 2nd position.

Top 3 Qualifying Standings (4WD GT)
1. P.Y.Tang - Tamiya TA05 V2 - Orca Infinite - 24 laps 5:12.488 - Best lap 12.747s
2. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya TA05 V2 - H-Energy - 22 laps 5:00.816 - Best lap 12.975s
3. E.C.Wee - Tamiya TB03 - Orca Infinite - 22 laps 5:03.494 - Best lap 13.062s

Top 3 Final Standings (4WD GT)
1. P.Y.Tang - Tamiya TA05 V2 - Orca Infinite
2. E.C.Wee - Tamiya TA05 V2 - Orca Infinite
3. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya TB03 - H-Energy

In the Super Stock class, it was also Orca powered TT01 that took the TQ and win. Shawn Chow took the early TQ spot but unfortunately he suffered from poor traction due to incorrect tire choice in the finals and dropped him out of the podium spot. Out of surprise this year is 15-year old Darryl Thong who showed that he could compete for the top spot to qualify for the TAC Finals, qualified 2nd with additional 3 points for best lap, and also took the overall win in his Orca-powered TT01. Stanley Hong took 2nd overall starting from 4th, and Kevin Wong finished 3rd.

Top 3 Qualifying Standings (Super Stock Touring)
1. Shawn Chow - TT01 - Orca Infinite - 18 laps 5:02.018 - Best lap 15.898s
2. Daryl Thong - TT01 - Orca Infinite - 18 laps 5:07.401 - Best lap 15.768s
3. Kevin Wong - TT01 - 18 laps 5:11.574 - Best lap 16.189s

Top 3 Final Standings (Super Stock Touring)
1. Daryl Thong - TT01 - Orca Infinite
2. Stanley Hong - TT01 - Orca Infinite
3. Kevin Wong - TT01

Congratulations to P.Y.Tang and Daryl Thong to take the win for Orca.

P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TA05 V2 is equipped with the Orca Infinite 6000mah 60C LiPo, Tamiya TBLM-01 12T Brushless, Tamiya TBLE-01 ESC and uses the H-Energy 2500Mah 7.4V LiPo Transmitter Pack in his M11X.

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