Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smokem TCX-FX Carbon Fiber Chassis available @ Quantum!

TCX-FX Carbon Fiber Chassis

The Hot Bodies TCX gets the Smokem treatment with the TCX-FX chassis. Firstly we have reduced the width of the chassis by almost 10mm. And with an overall width of only 94mm, scrubbing during hard cornering is minimized. The 2.2mm thick chassis has been designed to provide additional flex to deliver more grip and a wider tuning window - so you can dial-in your car in over a wide range of temperature and track conditions.

Other improvements include 2 additional LiPo support holes, which allow you to install locating nuts to bring the LiPo battery 5mm closer to the centerline of the car. We have also added front and rear balancing holes so you can balance your TCX with balance pins. All this translates to a faster car over a wider range of conditions.

The chassis design was engineered, tested and refined over several months of intense top level competition. And in the hands of Ryan Maker, it TQ’d and won the Modified class in both the NSW State Titles in Australia and 2010 Australian National Titles.

Like all Smokem chassis, the TCX-FX chassis accepts all LiPo’s - with or without humps - without additional retainers that may induce tweak.

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