Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Orca BL Championships 2011 Round 1 (April 17, 2011)

1st round of ORCA BL Championship 2011 was held at Planet Speedway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 17, 2011. After a successful event in 2010, Team Orca Asia and Hobby Haven Malaysia continued to organize the ORCA BL Championship which this year featuring 2 classes, Open Class (Turbo-Timing) and Stock Class (Zero-Timing. The event is targeted to promote and showcase Orca products. To promote the event and R/C hobby, the event kept the entry fee low to allow more drivers to enter the event.
Opened to any brand of 17.5T Brushless Motor in the Open Class, and a handout Orca RX2 17.5T Professional Brushless Motor in the Stock Class with spec ESC (no turbo-timing), kept cost low for most drivers, allowing a more stress-free and fun racing!

Quantum Racing Hobby is in discussion with Orca Asia, we hope to see the same event in Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei in the very near future.

Results of Orca BL Championships 2011 Round 1:

Stock Class (Zero-Timing Class):

A Main:
1. Wong Kok Wai
2. Alex Ng
3. Lee Choon Meng
4. Thomas Tan
5. Masirin
6. Syamson
7. Mike Lim
8. Jamal
9. Chris Oh
10. Michael Quek

B Main:
1. Desmond Lim
2. Flyradio
3. Lim Kit Hor
4. Oyang
5. Ah Yee
6. Garvin Tham
7. Nazeffa
8. Akira
9. Ahpeq Ong
10. Nasrul

C Main
1. Ah Keong
2. AJ Jamal
3. Ben
4. Azri
5. Scott

Open Class:

A Main
1. Siow Woon Fong
2. Jackie Siow
3. Azri Amri
4. Leonard Onf
5. Michael Lo
6. Leonard Pong
7. Shem
8. Miepeaty
9. Simon Yew
10. Lim Eu Keong

B Main:
1. Adam
2. Johaimi
3. Michael Lim
4. Haidhir
5. Amir

This is what Team Orca Asia had to say after the event, "ORCA Asia would like to say a big thank you to all racers that participated and to those that took time to come over to SS19 to watch our first race out of the five planned for year 2011.
As mentioned by Eric (Hobby Haven), this being the first race of 2011 and with some more knowledge gained from last year, we have made a couple of changes to this year and it has already prove to be a very very good race. The response, thanks to the collaboration with hobby shops around, it has been a very good first round, with some new faces and some old timers who came back out to enter into the race, making it a successful event. The most significant difference is the OPEN(Turbo Timing) class running 17.5T motors, while the STOCK(Zero Timing) class has allowed more brands of ESC into the race, with controlled motor being handed out. For the STOCK class, it is a step up from the last year's stock/novice class, where the ORCA Q 6X ESC was given out along with the RX-2 17.5T, like the open class of 2010. The OPEN class, is a new thing for ORCA BL, as well as the Malaysian racing scene, the only other race that have this category being the MNC. The response of this class is not as much as expected but with the support of some veteran racers, it was a very very exciting race for all to watch and drive alike. In the end, its the fabulous weather and great atmosphere that made the first race of 2011 a great success."

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