Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Litemodz Design CVS Evo2 available soon @ Quantum!

Litemodz Design CVS Evo2 available soon @ Quantum!

Preorder starts on May 21, 2011. Be the first to get it through Quantum!

The all new CVS EVO2 Constant Velocity Driveshaft fits directly into the Tamiya, Xray, TOP, Yokomo, Schumacher, Hotbodies, Associated, Robitronics, Corally and many more...

Manufactured from Hardened Steel the new designed driveshaft reduces weight whilst maintaining long life.

The new revolutionary design which up until now has never been seen in model cars is based on the full size constant velocity driveshafts. By cleverly maintaining an intermediate component on the median plane (patent pending) the litemodz CVS provides constant velocity at all articulated angles.

Running the CVS provides more grip, less tyre wear and higher cornering speeds due to the reduction in tyre slippage and scrub by eliminating speed oscillations at the wheel.

On the track the benefit of running the new CVS is clear.

Winner of the DHI Cup, and many races across the world the CVS is the ultimate.

For more information, please visit www.quantumracing-rc.com or contact us at enquiries@quantumracing-rc.com

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