Monday, May 23, 2011

P.Y.Tang wins the 4WD GT at the Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying Round 3 (May 22, 2011)

Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying 2011 Round 3 was held at Racecraft Race Complex on May 22, 2011. It was postponed earlier which the event was supposed to be on May 8, 2011. Layout was changed for this round which to the full size of track with technical chicanes on the left. Classes competed were 4WD GT, F1, Mini, FWD and Super Stock. New product found on the track was the Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner which is used by P.Y.Tang and many other drivers. The tyre cleaner was very easy to use and rejuvenates the rubber surface. P.Y.Tang used the Acorn Tyre Cleaner in an older tyre set, took his Orca-powered TA05R V2 to take TQ and win all 3 Finals in the 4WD GT class.

Qualifying in 4WD GT started out when the track was just about to heat up by the morning sun. P.Y.Tang had a slow start in qualifying which his PT did not read in Q1, while Q2 pace was set but Chee Lip Keong. P.Y.Tang picked up pace in Q3 posing fastest lap in qualifying at 16.375s to take the extra 3 points for the overall point standing and the TQ spot.

Top 3 Qualifying Standings A-Main (4WD GT):
1. P.Y.Tang - TA05R V2 - Orca/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner - 18 laps 5:03.252
2. Chee Lip Keong - TA05R V2 - H-Energy/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner - 18 laps 5:07.623
3. Jonathan Chia - TA05R - Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner - 18 laps 5:16.160

In Final A1 4WD GT, P.Y.Tang caught by the early start tone, lost the lead to Chee Lip Keong on the first corner. While letting Chee Lip Keong by, P.Y.Tang change of speed was tapped by Jonathan in car 3, and caused a pileup. Dropping down to last position, P.Y.Tang had lost about half a lap to the lead car. Chee Lip Keong was leading the field when P.Y.Tang was held up battling with E.C.Wee in 2nd. Until about 4-minute mark when Chee Lip Keong had steering issue and retired. P.Y.Tang caught up to the field and took the win for A1, and E.C.Wee in 2nd. Final A2 was easier for P.Y.Tang when he had a good start and stayed on for the win and the overall champion. Chee Lip Keong ended in 2nd battling with E.C.Wee who finished 3rd. 2nd podium spot was still wide open going into Final A3. Final A3 was a one-sided affair again when P.Y.Tang took the win posing the fastest laptime of the day, while Chee Lip Keong was able to take a easy 2nd while E.C.Wee finished 3rd.

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (4WD GT):
1. P.Y.Tang - TA05R V2 - Orca/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner
2. Chee Lip Keong - TA05R V2 - H-Energy/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner
3. E.C.Wee - TB03 - Orca/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner

P.Y.Tang's TA05R V2 is powered by Orca Infinite 6000 60C Lipo, H-Energy 2500 5C Transmitter LiPo Pack for M11X and Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner

Other results included Colin Tong in the F1 Class took TQ and overall champion in his F104 powered by the new series OrcaQ 4200 40C Hard Case Stick LiPo Pack. Daryl Thong took 2nd overall in Super Stock Class in his TT01 powered by the Orca Infinite series 6000 60C LiPo.

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (F1)
1. Colin Tong - F104 - OrcaQ/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner
2. Jason Lee - F104 - Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner
3. Daniel Chee - F104

Top 3 Final Standings (Super Stock)
1. Kevin Wong - TT01
2. Daryl Thong - TT01 - Orca/Acorn Racing Tyre Cleaner
3. Javier Chng - TT01

Race report by Soo.

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