Tuesday, May 31, 2011

P.Y.Tang dominates TQ and win for Xray & Orca at Shepherd Cup Series 1 (May 29, 2011)

In conjunction with the 1/10 GP and 1/8 GP Shepherd Cup Series 1, an addition of the 1/10 EP Touring Class was held at the NRC Racing Circuit in Southern Johor of Malaysia. It was organized by Niko Sales & Services Centre. P.Y.Tang took his Orca-powered Xray T3'11 yet another successful race to TQ and win for the Modified Class. Although entries was not great, P.Y. chose to attend this race, instead of the same day clash of the Malaysia National Championships Round 2 in Kuala Lumpur, as the NRC Race Circuit is a much larger track and would be perfect to test the Orca RX2 modified motors with turbo boost.

Newly resurfaced track improved the laptime tremendously from the last meeting for EP touring car race. During the qualifying rounds, P.Y.Tang posted faster laptimes after each and every round setting the pace for the EP class. Posting at 14.127s, breaking the previous EP track record by almost a second per lap and also faster than any 1/10 GP touring cars. P.Y.Tang added that the new setups on the new Orca Vritra Pro-Spec MK2 ESC made the powerband smoother in the in-field and more powerful on the long straights with a combination with the Orca RX2 5.5T Professional Brushless Motor. Along with other minor setup changes to using the Ride Subaru Legacy B4 bodyshell and roll center changes, P.Y.Tang improved to take TQ spot, followed by Bernard Lee in 2nd and B.H.Gan in 3rd, all on Xray.

Top 3 Qualifying Standings EP (A-Main):
1. P.Y.Tang - Xray T3'11 - Orca Vritra - Orca Infinite - Orca RX2 - 21 laps 5:04.276 - 14.127s
2. Bernard Lee - Xray T3'11 - Hobbywing - Dualsky - Dualsky - 20 laps 5:02.724 - 14.756s
3. B.H.Gan - Xray T3'11 - Orca Vritra - LRP - Dualsky - 20 laps 5:14.318 - 14.994s

P.Y.Tang dominated A-Main Leg 1 by posing faster laptimes at 14.029s, took the win in Leg 1. Using warming and higher charging amps techniques to the Orca Infinite 6000 60C LiPo as recommended by ORCA engineers, improved another 0.1s on laptimes. B.H.Gan came in 2nd and Mingkai 3rd. Wrong tire choice dropped Bernard Lee to 4th. While waiting for the A-Main Leg 2, rain started pouring down disrupting the race when the organizer called off the remaining runs. P.Y.Tang took the overall win from Leg 1 result, and unlucky for Bernard Lee, he had to settle for 4th, while B.H.Gan persistent win himself 2nd overall and Mingkai took 3rd podium spot.

Top 3 Final Standings EP (A-Main Leg 1):
1. P.Y.Tang - Xray T3'11 - Orca Vritra - Orca Infinite - Orca RX2 - 21 laps 5:07.601 - 14.029s
2. B.H.Gan - Xray T3'11 - Orca Vritra - LRP - Dualsky - 19 laps 5:01.101 - 14.751s
3. Mingkai - Xray T3'11 - 19 laps 5:05.646 - 14.976s

P.Y.Tang's Xray T3'11 was equipped with the Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec MK2 ESC, Orca RX2 Professional Brushless Motor, Orca Infinite 6000 60C 7.4V LiPo, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V Capacitor Plate, Litemodz CVS, Huge RC Ceramic Bearings, H-Energy 2500 5C 7.4V LiPo for Sanwa M11X Transmitter and newly-launched Acorn Racing Custom Tyre Cleaner for the extra grip!

Race report by Soo.

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