Friday, February 10, 2012

Alexander Hagberg from Team XRAY goes ORCA!

Alexander Hagberg goes ORCA.

Factory Team Xray and world class driver Alexander Hagberg will join forces with ORCA to give him the power he needs to keep his position at the very top at all races he attends and pushing for victories. 2012 is a Worlds year and ORCA is pleased to see the confidence Alexander has in our products to change all his electronics in his car for this year.

We are sure that Alexander will be able to display the on track performance very soon.
AME/ORCA wishes Alexander the very best of racing years.

Alexander will be using
ORCA Vritra line of speed controllers.
ORCA RX2 motors.
ORCA Infinite LiPo Batteries.

Source: AME/ORCA Germany

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