Thursday, February 2, 2012

T3'12 Graphite Chassis 2.0mm and Graphite Upper Deck 1.6mm now available @ Quantum!

The new 2mm chassis was developed to provide the best possible traction for low-traction conditions. The thinner chassis allows the car to flex more which generates more overall traction.

Important note:
When changing the chassis, the roll centers will be 0.5mm lower compared to the standard chassis. Therefore, to keep the same roll center height you need to use 0.5mm shims under all lower suspension blocks.


To generate even more traction, the new 2mm chassis can be combined with the new 1.6mm top deck which was developed to increase traction and in-corner steering. With the thinner top deck, the car will flex more which generates overall more traction. The top deck is a direct replacement for standard 2mm top deck.
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