Friday, March 9, 2012

Exotek S411 - S4X Narrow Chassis Extra Soft and CF Steering Brace now available @ Quantum!

Product Name: Exotek  S411 - S4X Narrow Chassis Extra Soft
Product No: EXO-1188

Ultra narrow S411 lipo chassis.

This extra soft chassis is aggressively shaped for extra flex over the stock S411 chassis and uses US made bi-directional layup carbon fiber for maximum flex traits. The rear section has added cut outs for greater flex at the motor mount for increased rear end stability allowing you to drive into corners harder and power out faster. Great chassis to have to extend tire wear and generate maximum grip for controlled tire races.


-Adjustable battery cups included for secure battery mounting.
-US made 2.25mm thick carbon fiber. Bi-directional layup for maximum flex traits.
-Smooth semi gloss high quality carbon fiber comes from the same factory as Xray carbon fiber.
-Increased front belt clearance.
-Narrowed chassis for less chassis scrub through corners for better corner speed.
-Accepts 7.4 volt flat bottom cased lipos such as Thunder Power, Orion, ORCA or similar sized lipo batteries.

ALSO AVAILABLE- S411 CF STEERING BRACE, Carbon bulkhead supported bumper brace Extra Flex Top Plate

Product Name: Exotek S411 - CF Steering Brace
Product No: EXO-1187

Steering crank brace for the Serpent S411. Stabilizes the steering cranks without stiffening the top plate to maintain natural grip and consistent steering.

USA made 2mm carbon fiber.

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