Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hazmi's ORCA settings at 2nd BICC Carpet Race

Hazmi from Brunei shared his settings to us during the 2nd BICC Carpet Race but we only had the chance to post it now. The race was held at Pusat Belia, Bandar Seri Begawan. Hazmi was driving an XRAY T3'12 powered by ORCA Vritra VTC MK2 ESC and Litemodz CVS EVO2.

1.Motor Timing - 4 dot insert (LRP X12 10.5T)
2. Final Drive Ratio - 8.01
3. ESC Timing - 30Deg
4. ESC Turbo Timing - 48Deg
5. ESC Turbo Delay - 0.1
6. ESC Punch - 9
7. ESC PWM - 8k
8. ESC Drag - 6
9. Brake Freq - 2.0khz

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