Wednesday, October 3, 2012

XRAY T4 preorder starts now @ Quantum!







All-new design and completely re-engineered platform.
The lightest, fastest and most advanced XRAY electric touring car ever.

The all-new XRAY T4….the new legend

T4 all-new features:

All-new T4 platform
All-new servo saver
All-new chassis design
All-new anti-roll bars
All-new top deck
All-new rear uprights
All-new super low shock towers
All-new composite hubs for bulkheads
All-new Super Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks
All-new low profile foam bumper
All-new Super Short Shock Springs (4S)
All-new front lower bumper mounts
All-new redesigned and reengineered bulkheads
Improved chassis flex
All-new unique super low profile tweak-free motor mount
Increased traction
All-new upper bulkhead clamps
Improved steering characteristics
All-new updated alu lower suspension holder
Improved weight balance
All-new steering system
Improved CG
All-new tweak-free servo mount

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