Monday, December 10, 2012

ORCA dominates the Super Stock 13.5 class in the 2012 Manila Touring Car Championships (December 2, 2012)

Annual 2012 Manila Touring Car Championships was held at JP Raceway on December 12, 2012. Super Stock 13.5T was highly contested with Mikey Garcia coming on top of the class.

Luck was on Mikey Garcia's side during the third final of the 2012 MTCC as his closest contender's transmitter battery died in the last minutes of the final heat ensuring his win. TQ was Gerome Ling, Philippine Orca Asia representative to the Orca Asia Finals after 5 rounds of qualifying. 2nd on the grid was Joseph Salcedo HB Asia Cup Philippine representative who was running a Yokomo BD5 WX. When the race started, Gerome takes F1 with Mikey in 2nd after crawling up after falling to last place due to a crash. 2nd heat is won by Mikey and 3rd heat was the deciding heat where Gerome led with Mikey catching up after an early collision. As Mikey was closing in the gap, Gerome's transmitter battery failed, ending Gerome's battle, handing title of MTCC 2012 SS Champion to Mikey Garcia.

With the top 3 finishers in Super Stock using Orca products, clearly there is no question that Orca is the leading ESC brand in the Philippines today.

Super Stock 13.5 Podium Finishers:
1. Mikey Garcia Yokomo BD7 / Orca VX / Orca TX / Orca 6000 80C
2. Gerome Ling Tamiya 416X / Orca VX / Orca RX-2 / Orca 6500 70C
3. Noel Aldaba Tamiya 417X / Orca VX / Orca RX-2

Thank you Mikey Garcia for the report.

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