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Team Singapore at ORCA Asia Final Championships 2012 (November 25, 2012)

First ever ORCA Asia Final Championships 2012 was held at the Kota Raja Race Track in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24-25 November 2012. Representing Team Singapore at the event was P.Y.Tang, Quek Howjiang, Dominic Quek, Hasron, Tony Neo, Esmail and Daryl Thong.

Dominic Quek was the ORCA Spec Class 17.5T Singapore Champion 2012 which he was entered into both Spec Class and Super Stock at the ORCA Asia Final Championships 2012. Unfortunately, Leonard Sim, ORCA Super Stock Singapore Champion 2012, was unable to attend the event due to work.

Our team travelled early to the event on 22 November 2012 in order to get some practise session. We were able to get some practise and familiarizing with the track during that night until about midnight. We left the track with some ideas about the next day setup as the traction has too much difference at night and during the day. After a great morning breakfast at the hotel on the Friday, we headed down to the track but the weather was not looking good and very cloudy. We managed to run a couple of packs until rain started to pour and ended the day with almost no practise. Rain continued during Friday night, and Saturday qualifying sessions were delayed to almost 1pm. Qualifying sessions were pretty tough for everyone as traction was very low due to the rain washed out track, and the day turned sunny, which we had no practise at all in these kind of temperature. The advantage was obviously more to the local drivers who had more knowledge in temperature changes.

In the Spec Class, Dominic Quek did an amazing job to get into the A-Main and ended in 5th overall. Esmail and Tony Neo qualified in B-Main and finished a respectable 3rd and 4th respectively. A busy mechanic all week for his son, Quek Howjiang qualified into the C-Main and finished 7th overall.

In the Super Stock 13.5T class, bad luck struck P.Y.Tang as he could only complete 2 out of 4 qualifying on Saturday due to a failure in ECS driveshaft and a motor failure. Even though on an A-Main pace, P.Y.Tang could only qualified in B-Main 3rd and finished 5th overall. Daryl Thong having exceed his expectation finished just 2 spots behind P.Y.Tang at 7th in the B-Main. Dominic Quek almost winning the C-Main after a winning Final C2 but suffered a DNF on Final C3 while leading, therefore finishing C-Main 7th. Esmail, Hasron and Tony Neo not getting used to the track conditions finished in D, E, and F-Main respectively.

We would like to thank Team Singapore for supporting the ORCA series 2012 and the ORCA Asia Finals 2012.

Final Standings:

Spec Class:
A-Main 5th - Dominic Quek - XRAY T4 - ORCA VX
B-Main 3rd - Esmail - ARC R10 - ORCA VX
B-Main 4th - Tony Neo - Awesomatix A700L - ORCA VTC MK2
C-Main 7th - Quek Howjiang - XRAY - ORCAQ Spark

Super Stock 13.5T Class:
B-Main 7th - Daryl Thong - XRAY T4 - ORCA VX/ORCA TX/ORCA INFINITE

C-Main 7th - Dominic Quek - XRAY - ORCA VX/ORCA TX
D-Main 7th - Esmail - ARC R10 - ORCA VX
E-Main 8th - Hasron - Yokomo BD5 - ORCA VX
F-Main 6th - Tony Neo - Awesomatix A700L - ORCA VX

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