Friday, December 21, 2012

P.Y.Tang wins for XRAY-ORCA-BLITZ at RCMC EP Open Race (December 16, 2012)

RCMC organized its first EP race this year at the huge nitro racetrack at PA East Coast, Singapore. Last race that the club organized any EP race was about 2 years ago. However, entries to this event were larger than expected with over 50 entries in both Modified Class and FF Class. Everyone was very eager to run in this huge track.

Qualifying on Sunday delayed in the morning s the track was still wet from rain the night before. The RCMC staff did a great job to clean up and pumped out the water out from the track. Sunny weather was drying the track around noon time and the organizer decided to start the qualifying without further delays. With a slight change on the track layout due to some area still wet, Nicholas Lee driving a Hobbywing-powered Tamiya TRF417X led the pace followed closely behind by P.Y.Tang in his ORCA-powered XRAY T4. Alvin Koh powering a Tamiya TRF417 was in 3rd after Q1, and another ORCA-powered XRAY T4 by Daryl Thong 4th fastest. As the the track was getting drier in Q2, laptimes dropped. P.Y.Tang and Nicholas Lee led the pace again in Q2, with P.Y.Tang topping the group after Q2, followed by a motor failure retirement by Nicholas Lee. Rain started to fall again during Q3 and the race never got restarted. The race director called it a day and it was a pity that the final results were based on 2 qualifying rounds.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings (Modified Class)
1. P.Y.Tang - XRAY T4 - ORCA VX/ORCA TX/ORCA INFINITE - BLITZ XFR LW- 19 laps 5:03.684 - 15.397s
2. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya TRF417X - 19 laps 5:15.110 - 15.495s
3. Esmail - ARC R10 - BLITZ XFR - 18 laps 5:12.649 - 16.333s
4. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya TRF417X - ORCA INFINITE - 18 laps 5:13.824 - 16.040s
5. Alvin Koh - Tamiya TRF417 - 18 laps 5:16.067 - 16.151s
6. Daryl Thong - XRAY T4 - ORCA VX/ORCA RX2/ORCA INFINITE - BLITZ XFR - 17 laps 5:01.714 - 16.115s
7. Jason Lee - Tamiya TRF417 V5 - 17 laps 5:07.111 - 16.556s
8. Kevin Wong - TOP Photon - 17 laps 5:08.760 - 17.005s
9. Shawn Chow - TOP Photon - 17 laps 5:10.237 - 16.068s
10. Ben Seet - Hotbodies TC-FD - 17 laps 5:10.815 - 16.510s

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