Saturday, March 7, 2015

Alexander Hagberg from Team ORCA wins TITC 2015 Modify Class

Team ORCA Alexander Hagberg converted his Top Qualifier into winning the Modify Class at TITC 2015 after winning the first 2 legs in the A-Final.

Alexander took an overnight TQ on day 1 of qualifying after topping Q1, with 2nd fastest in Q2 and 3rd fastest in Q3. On day 2, Alexander ran 3rd fastest on Q4 and TQ for Q5 going in to Q6 on day 3.
Alexander would dominate the A-Main winning Leg 1 and 2 and sat out for Leg 3. Alexander Hagberg uses the ORCA VX3 speedo, ORCA RX3 4.5T motor and ORCA Infinite HV 6200 100C Lipo in his Xray T4.

Final Standings A-Main (Modify):
1. (TQ) Alexander Hagberg - Xray - ORCA
2. Meen Vejrak - Yokomo
3. Ronald Voelker - Yokomo
4. Jilles Groskamp - ARC
5. Bruno Coelho - Xray
6. Chavit Sirigupta - Yokomo
7. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya
8. Atsushi Hara - Yokomo
9. Marc Rheinard - Tamiya
10. Viktor Wilck - Serpent

Source: TITC

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