Saturday, March 7, 2015

ARC-BLITZ Luke Duthie wins 2015 New Zealand Nationals

Team ARC Luke Duthie TQ and wins 2 titles at the 2015 Electric On Road New Zealand Nationals in Wellington. Luke won two titles with ARC in the Superstock and Modified Touring using the BLITZ WRX. Jayden Duthie also finished 3rd in the Modified Touring with another ARC.

Full ARC results:

Modified Touring (Open)
1st (TQ) - Luke Duthie
3rd - Jayden Duthie

Stock Touring (21.5T Blinky)
7th - Ricky Field
13th - Brian Bevins

Superstock Touring (13.5T Boosted)
1st (TQ) - Luke Duthie
5th - Sam Mears
6th - Jayden Duthie
8th - Ricky Field
12th - Pete Bent

Source: ARC

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