Sunday, March 15, 2015

BLITZ TS040 1/8 On-Road Racing Bodyshell now available @ Quantum!

Team Titan Blitz is proud to announce the new BLITZ TS040 1/8 On-Road racing body shell. After the successful release of the TS030 1/8 On-Road racing body shell Team Titan have designed the TS040 to have similar initial steering however the mid corner rotation has been increased, allowing you to complete the corner faster and to accelerate earlier. The TS040 is best suited to smaller tracks with tight corners and hairpins.

BLITZ TS040 has already been approved by EFRA (Approval #31540). Supplied unpainted with side stiffener ,window mask and stickers.

BLI-60415-12 TS040 1.2mm (Strong)
BLI-60415-10 TS040 1.0mm (Standard)
BLI-60415-08 TS040 0.8mm (Light)
BLI-60415-07 TS040 0.7mm (Ultra light)

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