Thursday, June 11, 2015

ARC R10 wins 2015 Malaysia National Championships Round 3

P.Y.Tang from Team ARC reported his recent win at the 2015 Malaysia National Championships Round 3 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The MNC goes into Round 3 which saw drivers mainly from Southern and Central Malaysia taking part in the Modified, Super Stock, Stock and Mini class.

The track is located in a public garden, being medium-sized with low to medium traction. The race was mostly affected by rain with only a few hours in the Saturday morning for practise. A rainstorm would fall in the afternoon finishing the day. With a wet morning on Sunday, the organizer decided to start the qualifying on a wet track which was rather unusual as all setups used would be a guessing. Fearing of more rain, the drivers had no choice to run the heats. A small rain fall again started in the the last heat of Q2 Modified. The race would again delayed a few hours due to rain, and finally resumed for Q3. The finals would fiinished on a lower traction condition.

In the Modified Class, Norazam ORCA-powered ARC R10 would take the TQ spot, followed by Shahrin, with P.Y.Tang in 3rd in another ORCA-powered ARC R10. In the A-Finals, P.Y.Tang started off with a good pace and eventually overtook the front two cars to take the win in Leg 1 and 2. Norazam took overall 2nd and Wong Kok Wai in 3rd.

Qualfiying Standings A-Main (Modified):
1. Norazam - ARC R10 - ORCA - 21/5:13.442
2. Shahrin - 21/5:14.099
3. PY Tang - ARC R10 - ORCA 21/5:14.745
4. Wong KokWai - ORCA - 20/5:01.357
5. Michael Lim 20/5:06.840
6. Azhar J - 20/5:11.876
7. Naz Nizal - 20/5:12.139
8. Asmad - 20/5:12.327
9. Wak Rose - 20/5:13.633
10. Riffat Hijazi - 19/5:00.225

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (Modified):
1. PY Tang - ARC R10 - ORCA
2. (TQ) Norazam - ARC R10 - ORCA
3. Wong KokWai - ORCA

In the Super Stock class, Arman ARC R10 took the TQ spot in his home track. Michael Lo ORCA-powered Awesomatix would take the overall win after passing Arman for the win in A-Final Leg 1 and 2.

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (Super Stock):
1. Michael Lo - ORCA
2. (TQ) Arman - ARC R10
3. Raihan - ARC R10

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