Thursday, June 25, 2015

ARC R8.0 TQ and Win at 2015 North Germany Championship

Lars Hoppe continues getting a good result with his ARC R8.0 with another TQ & win at the North Germany Championship. Lars Hoppe reports.

"Next round of north german championship is in the book! A lot of driving with two classes. In 1:8 I have a perfect weekend with my ARC, the car works better andbetter! TQ, fastes lap and win! In 1:10 scale with my Velox V10 we had a difficult qualification but in the final a good pace. After leading, a broken muffler spring costs me a lot of laps. At the end Iam finished on 3rd. Thanks very much to ARC and Shepherd for there great cars and my always perfect working REDS engines. Also big thanks to all my other sponsors and my pitmans!"

Source: Team ARC

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