Sunday, June 14, 2015

ARC R8.0 and BLITZ taking 4 spots in the A-Final at 2015 Euro Nitro Series Round 2 Austria

Team ARC/BLITZ showing a good performance at the current running ENS Round 2 in Aigen, Austria. The high speed track was reported to be low traction and the team found a good base setup at the start of the event, and going direct into the A-Final is German Lars Hoppe in 3rd, Swiss Shasa Lackner in 6th. Swiss Silvio Hachler in 7th and German John Ermen in 10th. Merlin Depta using BLITZ is in 8th.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings (1/8th):
1. Robert Pietsch
2. Simon Kurzbuch
3. Lars Hoppe - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS030
4. Dario Balestri
5. Daniele Ielasi
6. Shasa Lackner - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS040
7. Silvio Hachler - ARC R8.0
8. Merlin Depta - BLITZ TS030
9. Tobias Kerler
10. John Ermen - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS030

Source: Team ARC

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