Monday, August 31, 2015

BLITZ TS040 takes 1st Runner-Up at 2015 EFRA 1/8th IC Track Euros Germany

Merlin Depta from Serpent and Blitz clinched 1st Runner-Up position at the 2015 EFRA 1/8th Track IC Euros in Ettlingen, Germany. Merlin uses the Blitz TS040 in his Serpent to make it into the A-Main and managed to up his pace to take overall 2nd! Merlin Depta also has been using the Blitz TS040 throughout the ETS events. Below is what Merlin had to say.

A-Main Final Results:
1. Oliver Mack
2. Merlin Depta - BLITZ TS040
3. Simon Kurzbuch
4. Lamberto Collari
5. Nicola Marrone
6. Alessio Mazzeo
7. Maximilian Vogl
8. Robert Pietsch
9. Dario Balestri
10. Francesco Tironi

"I had a wonderful week with my girl Sinia, all my friends and also new guys I met at the track. We showed off great performance and had a superb time in the paddock. Disappointed after Friday's qualification where I ended P17 / 1st in quarterfinal, we bumped up twice to the main final on Saturday. With P8 in the grid, we started our engine as "bonus" for my personal goal, the main final.
From this point I honestly have to tell everybody, who look at pictures, videos from RC Racing TV or wherever: THIS was the best and enjoyable run in my whole racing career. Never before, engine, car and pit crew worked that phenomenal together. Finishing second on this Euro's this was way more than I ever expected. I want to thank Timo Schroder and Jirka Hassler for their brilliant pit work. Without you guys this would have been impossible. Together we are looking back on a brilliant event racing with the world's top guns of RC racing.
But there is one thing leaving a bad feeling in my belly. I had a crash with the best team mate and friend Dominic that caused him to not bump up. Believe me, you are the last one in the world I grant this. Thanks again for the help during the event my father Dirk, Sinia Porger, Dieter Sting, Michael Salven, Lars Hoppe, Timo, Jirka, Dominic and all others I forgot. You are awesome. Also thanks for all who called me, wrote me messages on Facebook, WhatsApp or Emails. Not to forget the sponsors for all the great stuff: Serpent, 2-speed, Arrowmax RC, XceedRC, RunnerTime, Blitz Bodies, Team Titan, Savox, Picco. See you on the track."

Source: TiTan R/C, RcCracks Pictures

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