Friday, August 14, 2015

Zeppin Tweak Killer With Carrying Case now in stock @ Quantum!

Zeppin Racing Tweak Killer with Carrying Case is a great tool to correct tweak on your car.Tweak makes funny car handling. With incorrect tweak no matter how you tune the car, it still doesn’t perform as expected. Before any tuning, it is necessary to check and make sure the car is having correct tweak in order to provide consistent handling.

Zeppin Racing Tweak Killer with Carrying Case

Crash, assembly quality, lose screw, deterioration …. all make chassis tweak. Zeppin Tweak Killer is an easy solution to ensure the chassis flatness.

Use rubber bands to compress the chassis
Re-Align Upper deck & lower bulk head screws
Zeppin Tweak Killer plate and rod are made by CNC-machined aluminum
Engraved with stylish anodized colors
Supplied with rubber feet and rubber bands

How to use:

Size of plate: 350 x 92 x 10mm
Size of rod: 54mm (length), 10mm (diameter)
Weight: 570g (plate), 74g (rod)

Tweak Killer (plate and rod) x1
Carrying case x1
Rubber bands

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