Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC R11 and BLITZ GSF-II takes Runner-Up at 2016 Singapore UTS Round 8

After missing many rounds of the 2016 Singapore Urban Touring Series, Team ARC P.Y.Tang returned to the event attended the Round 8 of the series. It would be the first race that P.Y.'s ORCA-powered ARC R11 using the new BLITZ GSF-II bodyshell.

Qualifying rounds started off badly for P.Y., when a mechanical problem at the start of Q1 forcing him a DNS, while 2 mistakes in Q2 and Q3 dropped him down in the best 2 out 4 rounds. In Q4, finally the ARC driver got a better run finishing behind the already TQ Nicholas Lee.

Qualifying Standings (Modified A-Main):
1. Nicholas Lee - Yokomo
2. Daryl Thong - Xray
3. Esmail Apandi - Awesomatix
4. Dominic Quek - Xray
5. P.Y.Tang - ARC R11 - ORCA - BLITZ GSF-II
6. Eugene Goh - Yokomo
7. Wei Jian Ng - Tamiya
8. Hasron Robana - Xray

In A-Final Leg 1, contacts in front on 2nd lap allowed P.Y. to move into 2nd place while Nicholas Lee had a clean race track in front of him pulling away for the win in A1, with P.Y.Tang in 2nd and Dominic Quek came out 3rd. A-Final Leg 2 finished in a totally different order. With Nicholas Lee pulling away after some contacts behind, P.Y.Tang capitalized moving into 2nd escaping the contacts. While looking as a comfortable lead, on Lap 5 Nicholas contact with another car dropping him to 2nd with P.Y. overtaking the lead. Hard charging Nicholas was 3 seconds behind, but P.Y. maintained his pace to take A2 about 1.6 second ahead. With only 1 best result taken from the 2 finals, Nicholas Lee took the overall 1st with a better timing over 2nd place P.Y.Tang, while Dominic Quek ended up in 3rd with advantage over Eugene Goh on tied-points.

Top 3 Final Standings (Modified A-Main):
1. Nicholas Lee - Yokomo - 1 pts
2. P.Y.Tang - ARC R11 - ORCA - BLITZ GSF-II - 1 pts
3. Dominic Quek - Xray - 3 pts

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