Monday, August 8, 2016

ARC R11 wins 2016 JMRCA All-Japan Championships

Tsutomo Asahara from Team ARC Japan wins the 2016 JMRCA All-Japan Championships in the Sports Class division. The event was held at the famous RC Bee Tops racetrack in southern part of Japan.

Asahara took the top qualifier position and winning the Sports Class, along with three other ARC drivers in the A-Main, finishing 2ndm 7th and 8th! The event also had the largest presence of ARC cars with a total of 19 cars out of the 53 participants.

Final Standings A-Main (ARC drivers):
1st Asahara - ARC R11
2nd Tsubono - ARC R11
7th Yamaguchi - ARC R11
8th Hasegawa - ARC R11

Source: ARC

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