Monday, April 24, 2017

ARC R11 podiums 2017 Japanese Speed King Tour Round 2

Japanese ARC driver, Kazushinge Tomita takes 3rd at the 2017 Speed King Tour Round 2 held at TM Circuit in Wakayama, Japan. Piloting the ARC R11, Tomita topped Q1 in the Modified Class with close rivals on pace including top japanese drivers Souta Goto, Naoki Akiyama, Naoto Matsukura and Akio Sobue. Tomita in the end finished 3rd overall behind Goto and Akiyama. Yusuke Goto and Takara Sano also piloting the ARC R11 finished 5th and 10th respectively.

Top 10 Final Results (A-Main Modified):
1. Yusuke Goto
2. Naoki Akiyama
3. Kazushinge Tomita - ARC R11
4. Hayato Ishioka
5. Yusuke Goto - ARC R11
6. Satoshi Bando
7. Naoto Matsukura
8. Yugo Nagashima
9. Akio Sobue
10. Takara Sano - ARC R11

Source: ARC

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