Monday, April 24, 2017

ORCA is 2017 European Champion!

Alexander Hagberg has made ORCA the 2017 European Champion! It is Hagberg's 4th consecutive title in the 1/12 class! Equipped with the ORCA VX3 1S, it was a perfect result, with a clean sweep in 5 qualifying rounds, and two tone-to-tone A-final wins!

Alexander Hagberg commented, "Every year has been a new challenge, and this year wasn't any different, as we had to get used to the new 6.5T blinky rules. In the end I believe I managed to find the right setup for both my car and electronics - they worked exceptionally well! To get my equipment that good was possible only from working with the best sponsors/friends in the industry, that always help and keep pushing to improve! I have the best sponsors one could ask for, and I am forever thankful to them, and to everyone else that supports me! Last but not least, I want to acknowledge the fantastic organizational job of EFRA and the Racing Arena Limburg crew! The track was brilliant!"

Source: ORCA

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