Monday, November 15, 2010

Orca and Xray podium for the Modified Class at Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge 2010-2011 Series 2 (November 14, 2010)

Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge 2010-2011 Series 2 was held on November 14, 2010 at the Racecraft Race Complex Singapore. P.Y.Tang from Xray and Orca finished 3rd overall in the Modified Class as the race ended by qualifying results due to heavy rainstorm pouring down just before the Final A-Main.

It has been a few months since P.Y.Tang raced at this track, and the new tests on a 6.5T with turbo boost on his Xray T3 needed a bit more fine-tweaking. P.Y. could only tried more experiment during the race as practise session on Saturday was disrupted by rainstorm as well. He stated that his Xray T3 could have done better as his car was handling better and better after each round and managed to get his laptime down to 14.3s. He added that he blew Q3 when he rolled twice and with blocked traffic, it was his better run to qualify 3rd. In order to get a more consistent run during the final, the turbo boost settings on his Orca Vritra were lowered as the car was just too fast for this medium size track. With a few more changes to the roll center and tire treatment, P.Y.Tang Xray T3 felt much better during the practise lap on the A-Main, but unfortunately rain started pouring down with the finals cancelled. P.Y.Tang believes that the 6.5T turbo boost will be a very competitive setup to beat once the setup is more mature.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings A-Main (Modified Class)
1. Alvin Koh - 21 laps 5:04.081
2. Nicholas Lee - 21 laps 5:07.074
3. P.Y.Tang - 21 laps 5:11.564 - Xray, Orca
4. E.C.Wee - 21 laps 5:14.244 - Xray, Orca
5. Hasron - 20 laps 5:02.927
6. Jason Lee - 20 laps 5:04.637
7. Jack Lim - 20 laps 5:04.790
8. Desmond Tan - 20 laps 5:05.837 - Xray, Orca
9. Chee Lip Keong - 20 laps 5:09.386 - H-Energy
10. Colin Tong - 20 laps 5:13.812 - H-Energy

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (Modified Class)
1. Alvin Koh
2. Nicholas Lee
3. P.Y.Tang - Xray, Orca

Congratulations to P.Y.Tang for yet another podium for Orca and Xray Singapore.

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