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P.Y.Tang wins for Xray-Orca at the Indonesia National Year End Race (November 7, 2010)

The annual Indonesia National Year End Race took place on the weekend of November 6-7, 2010 at the Sunter International Speedway (SIS) in Jakarta. This is one of the largest race in Indonesia after the season end of Indonesia National Championships, which also saw Jilles Groskamp from Tamiya made a trip from Thailand last year to this year end race. This year, the race attracted a total entries of about 60 in the Touring Stock 11.5T class and about 20 in the FWD class. Unfortunately due to the Mount Merapi volcano eruption, some drivers could not attend the race. The weather was very good throughout the event and with a great track, great people and great door prizes including an Xray T3 car kit, it was a show of the year in the Indonesian capital. Four qualifying rounds on Saturday, with one more qualifying round on Sunday follow by the Finals, with a maximum of 3 sets of tires for the whole event.

A bright and sunny day greeted the drivers on the Saturday which created a lot of traction problems early into the day. The track layout had a very long straights, flowy in-field with technical hairpin sections. It was no doubt that Orca products was the talk of the race with the fastest car on the track, but Nicholas Lee from Singapore set the pace with his smooth driving skills and led the way after the first day of qualifying in his Tamiya 416X, followed by Bowie Ginting of Xray T3 and Teddy Syach of Hotbodies Cyclone TCX, all with 18 laps. P.Y.Tang running Xray and Orca improved his timings but still shy from the 18 laps at 17 laps 5:01, said traction was his biggest concern, qualified 4th at the end of day 1.

In the last qualifying round on Sunday, it would seem to be the most critical qualifying round as the traction was much higher as the weather stayed cloudy and temperature was cooler. Most of the drivers set a faster pace and everyone was trying to qualify higher in the mains. In Qualifying Round 5 Heat 1, P.Y.Tang changed his strategy and by using a softer setup, he managed to improve his laptime by 0.3sec, and posted a 18 laps 5:14 and found himself in Q2. Teddy Syach unable to improved remained in Q4 and another 18 laps 5:15 from Bowie Ginting secured him at Q3. Nicholas Lee with the fastest timing posted on Day 1 took the TQ honour.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings A-Main (Stock Touring 11.5T)

1. Nicholas Lee – 18 laps 5:11.353
2. P.Y.Tang – 18 laps 5:14.559
3. Bowie Ginting – 18 laps 5:15.355
4. Teddy Syach – 18 laps 5:17.146
5. Rudi Hardjo - 17 laps 5:00.392
6. Suwardi Suliandy - 17 laps 5:05.022
7. Asdi - 17 laps 5:05.786
8. Dika CGP - 17 laps 5:07.233
9. Dani Lambatz - 17 laps 5:07.233
10. Ronny - 17 laps 5:08.033

In the A-Main finals of Stock Touring 11.5T, the 8-minute run would see a lot of strategy planning to be able to sustain the run at a fast speed. In Final A1, the race started off with a clean start with Nicholas Lee and P.Y.Tang pulling away from the group when Bowie Ginting made a mistake at the left chicane on lap 2 dropping him into the group. Orca again proved to be the product to beat when P.Y.Tang Xray T3 was able to reel in the leader easily on the long straights but a small mistake by P.Y. at the chicane and with some traffic, Nicholas Lee went on to win Final A1, followed by P.Y.Tang in 2nd and a good fight by Bowie Ginting to finished 3rd.

With already an advantage in speed, P.Y.Tang put on a new set of tires in Final A2, immediately reeled in Nicholas Lee into sight but unable to pass Nicholas Lee from his tight driving lines. As Nicholas Lee was unable to pull away, P.Y.Tang saw an opening just before the long straight, tried to close up the gap by riding on the curb to try to set up for a long straight pass, made a slight contact with Nicholas Lee bodyshell, changed the position when Bowie Ginting took advantage of the incident, while Nicholas Lee dropped to 3rd when he got stuck in an island. Bowie Ginting took Final A2, with P.Y.Tang in 2nd and Nicholas Lee in 3rd.

Going into Final A3, the 1st overall was still up for grab as all top 3 tied in points. Still having an advantage in speed and a very comfortable with his car setups, P.Y.Tang is set to put up a fight to try to win the final round. Final A3 started off with a clean start. P.Y.Tang tried to be a bit more patient to avoid any accident stayed closely behind Nicholas Lee, as both of them pulled away from the group. Unfortunately on lap 3, Nicholas Lee suffered from a motor burnt out, allowing P.Y.Tang to cruise for the win with Bowie Ginting finishing 2nd. P.Y.Tang won 1st overall with tied points with Bowie Ginting but with a lap advantage.

From Right: Nicholas Lee, P.Y.Tang, Bowie Ginting and Peter Lee

Top 10 Final Standings A-Main (Stock Touring 11.5T)

1. P.Y.TangSingaporeXray T3Orca VritraOrca RX2Orca QX1Orca InfiniteOrca Power Boost - GFT - 19pts
2. Bowie GintingIndonesiaXray T3Orca VritraOrca QX1Orca Infinite - 19pts
3. Nicholas Lee – Singapore - Tamiya 416X – Speed Passion – Speed Passion V3- 18pts
4. Rudi Hardjo - Indonesia - Tamiya 416WE – Orca Vritra – King Power – 15pts
5. Teddy Syach – Indonesia - Hotbodies Cyclone TCX – LRP SXX Stock Spec – Team Power - 14pts
6. Asdi – Indonesia - Xray T3Orca VritraOrca QX1 - 11pts
7. Dani Lambatz – Indonesia - TOP Photon – Tekin RS Pro – King Power - 10pts
8. Ronny – Indonesia - TOP Photon – Tekin RS Pro – Speed Passion V3 - 10pts
9. Suwardi Suliandy – Indonesia - TOP Photon – Orca VritraOrca QX1Orca RX2 - 7pts
10. Dika CGP – Indonesia - Xray T3 – Tekin RS Pro – King Power - 5pts

Congratulations to P.Y.Tang (right) and Bowie Ginting (left) to finish 1-2 for Xray and Orca! and completing 4 Xray and 5 Orca in the A-Mains!

P.Y.Tang winning Xray T3 was powered by Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo, Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec, Orca RX-2 11.5T, OrcaQ QX-1 11.5T, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V High Power Capacitor and GFT.

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