Friday, November 26, 2010

Orca and Xray TQ and win at ORCA BL Championship Round 3 for Open Class at SS19 Planet Speedway Malaysia (November 21, 2010)

Malaysian National Champion 2009, Jacky Siow of Orca and Xray TQ and win at the ORCA BL Championship. This newly organized event was one of the most awaited and highly contested race in Malaysia. Orca is pleased to introduce the event in 2010 to promote and create the awareness of the brand, not forgetting to bring racers together for a day of fun racing. Round 3 for Open Class and Round 2 for Novice Class were to compete in the ORCA BL Championship at SS19 Planet Speedway on November 21, 2010.

In the Open Class, the new Orca RX2 17.5T Professional Brushless Motor was handout. The organizer made it even more exciting where ROAR initiated link Zero Timing Indicator must be shown for zero timing boost. In the Novice class, drivers uses the handout OrcaQ 6X Brushless ESC and OrcaQ 17.5T Brushless Motor.

Top 10 A-Main Final Results (Open Class):
Champion: Jacky Siow (Orca Vritra/Xray)
1st Runner-Up: Siow Woon Fong (Orca Vritra)
2nd Runner-Up: Ongsan
4th: Shahrin
5th: Nilai Chong
6th: Billy Yow
7th: Nik Ahmad
8th: Michael Lo (Orca Vritra)
9th: Yap Chew Kong
10th: Simon Yew (Orca Vritra/Xray)

Top 10 A-Main Final Results (Novice Class):
Champion: Miepeaty
1st Runner-Up: Mike Lim
2nd Runner-Up: Masirin
4th: Amir
5th: Jon
6th: Jason Wong
7th: Scott
8th: Ah Seng
9th: Akira

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