Thursday, September 6, 2012

ARC R10-W 1/10 200mm Electric Touring Car Kit available now @ Quantum!

ARC R10-W is the first 2 belt drive 1/10 200mm 1/10 Electrical Touring car in market. Tests show the lap time and handling compares favorably with a 1/10th 200mm Nitro Powered touring car.

The only limit of the R10 W potential speed is the ESC and Brushless motor.

There are several new features on the R10-W
1: Standard kit comes with a wider (4mm) longer lasting rear belt
2: Hardened spring steel diff joint cups made from the same steel as a Nitro Powered Touring Car.
3: Full 2.5mm super narrow Carbon Chassis at only 82mm in width.
4: Four hardened spring steel drive shafts (48mm) STD in kit.
5: The R10-W uses any 1/10 Nitro 200mm Sedan body available on the market.
6: Designed to use 1/10 Nitro touring car foam tires, 28mm Front & 30mm Rear.
7: Kit comes standard with front and rear gear differentials
8: Thicker front 1.6mm & rear 1.5mm Anti-Roll Bar.
9: Upgrade Kit to transform your R10 to a R10-W will be available in October 2012. Upgrade price TBA.

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