Friday, September 21, 2012

ORCA TX prototype test at NOOB Singapore Open 4WD Buggy

P.Y.Tang tested the new ORCA TX (prototype in photo) on his Yokomo B-MAX4 II WS, powered by ORCA Vritra VC4 speedo. First test on the ORCA TX was an obvious more torque compared to the ORCA RX-series, yet providing a smooth powerful throttle feel.

P.Y.Tang was able to gain about 0.2-0.3s average on its first outing with the ORCA TX which he felt that with more fine-tuning to the buggy and ESC settings, the laptime should improve further. The ORCA TX-series brushless motor will be available soon at Quantum Racing and your local hobby shops from 3.5T-21.5T.

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