Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ARC R10 Sweeps 2014 Asia R/C Indoor On Road Race

2014 Asia R/C indoor On-Road race was organized by Asia R/C in Taiwan, There were around 80 drivers attending four different classes, 1/10 TC Modify , 1/12 Modify , 1/10 Mini and F1. There were 60 drivers in the most popular class, 1/10 Modify, which made this class highly competitive.

After first day of qualifying, 5 ARC R10 secured in the A-Main, also took the TQ with 1 lap advantage by Yi Hao Huang. In the finals, 3 ARC drivers took all podium finishes in the A-Main. Also ARC R10 in C-Main 1st, D-Main 2nd /3rd, E-Main 3rd and F-Main 1st.

Top3 Final Standings (Modified A-Main):
1. Yi Hao Huang - ARC R10 - ORCA
2. Ron Chen - ARC R10 - ORCA
3. Howard Cho - ARC R10

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