Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DryFluid High End Slide Lubricant for RC-Cars now available @ Quantum!

DryFluid Extreme was specially developed for radio controlled model cars with the aim to preserve as long as possible or rather to extend significantly the efficiency and lifetime of these mechanical marvels. Tested and proven at ETS, TITC and many other big races around the world.
The effect of this new lubricant for links, shafts and bearings begins where others show their limits. Lowest sliding friction, maximum speed and minimal dust and dirt binding were the main objectives of the development. Findings in the aviation and vehicle industries and the expert knowledge of RC car pilots are the driving forces behind this new lubricant.


DryFLuid is a dry slide-lubricant rather than a classic oil or grease. DryFluid is not wax, it is neither greasy nor oily but is silicone-free. A long-lasting lubrication effect is achieved using dry particles, sliding polymers and high end sliding fluids. The application and long-term effects of DryFluid Extreme will inspire every RC pilot.


- Reduction of power loss on links, shafts and bearings and it guarantees a long life of the treated components.
- Lowest sliding friction for free movement and wear reduction
- Multistage lubricant system with immediate and long-term effects
- Dust and dirt repellent
- Extremely good creeping abilities
- Excellent material compatibility with all current metal, plastic and natural rubber materials
- Outstanding adhesive and anti-corrosive properties

Check it out for yourself the amazing effect of using DryFluid Extreme. High End lubricant for links, shafts and bearings of RC cars. It contains top-class lubricating components from the aviation and vehicle industry. Extremely low friction coefficient. Excellent long-term lubrication results.

Shake well before use!
High end lubricant for joints, axles, bearings and gearwheels of RC-Cars. It contains top-class lubricating components from the aviation and vehicle industry. It increases the speed through extreme low sliding friction. Dust and dirt repellent. Excellent long-term lubrication results.

It includes a pinpoint dispenser for a very precise application.

For more information, please visit www.quantumracing-rc.com or contact us at enquiries@quantumracing-rc.com

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