Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ARC R10 wins 2014 ROCS Round 2

P.Y.Tang from Team ARC took the win at the ROCS Round 2 making it two in a row. The event took place at Raceworks Hobbies which would see ROCS taking a break as the local track has to stop operation and move out due to land lease expiration.

Nevertheless, a good turnout for this round all making the last round as fun as possible. A passing cloud shower delayed the last qualifying round but the race was resumed in a few hours. Team ARC has a good turnout with 4 drivers in the A-Main. P.Y.Tang took the top spot winning first 3 rounds of qualifying and checking out the win after taking 1st in Final Leg 1 and Leg 2.

Top 10 Final Standings (A-Main 13.5T Boost)
1. (TQ) P.Y.Tang - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ GSF
2. Dhillon Tay - 3pts
3. Marcus Choo - 3pts
4. Colin Tong - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ GSF - 
5. Jonathan Ho - ORCA - BLITZ TSX
6. Kerk
7. Mark Lim - ORCA - BLITZ XFR
9. Kamen Koh - ARC
10. Tan Yi Ming

P.Y.Tang ARC R10 '13 uses the ORCA VXX V4.0 speedo, ORCA TI 13.5T motor,  BLITZ GSF Lightweight bodyshell, Xpert PI-3401 LV servo, Huge RC Ceramic Bearings, Huge RC 30mm and 40mm High Speed Fan, ORCA Aluminum Speedo Fan, Huge RC 35R tires, and uses the Elangears ElanR RCH charging mode on the ORCA Infinite Ultra 7500 90C Lipo,

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