Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BLITZ wins 1st German West Nationals

Team BLITZ driver John Ermen took another win on 12/13 April at the first Region West German Nationals were on. The first race was held on the tricky track Dormagen in Germany. The track has some nasty bumps and no room for mistakes. If you make a mistake you will break your car.
During practice on Saturday we had to change the car completely due to track and grip conditions compared to last weekend. Also we had to make some adjustments to let the car handle well over the big bumps on the track. At the end of the day we could do a 15,2 sec lap time and only Michael was faster with a 15,0 sec lap time.

On Sunday morning the track was allot colder and the track was really fast. I was able to do a clean run with some minor errors and made 20 laps in 5:07,60. The 2nd run I made a driving error and the 3rd run the car was not as good as in the 1st run so my time was allot slower. But eventually I had pole with a minor difference of 0,09 sec after 5 minutes in front of Michael.

Pos Name Nat Laps Time Car/Engine
1 Ermen John NL 20 5:07.601 Xray RX8 / REDS / BLITZ
2 Salven Michael DE 20 5:07.692 Serpent 977 / Picco
3 Cuypers Steven BE 20 5:10.073 Mugen MRX5 / Picco
4 D'hondt Robin BE 20 5:13.849 Motonica / Picco
5 Hepp Tobias DE 20 5:13.914 Xray RX8 / Orcan
6 Schewiola Frank DE 20 5:14.843 Serpent 977 / Sonic
7 Wurst Christian DE 20 5:14.965 Serpent 977 / Sirio
8 Rischard Dirk LU 19 5:04.173 Serpent 977 / Xceed
9 Meister Karl-Heinz DE 19 5:07.764 Serpent 977 / Xceed
10 Kostadinov Emil BG 19 5:10.254 Mugen MRX5 / REDS

After a clean Semi final run I had 2nd position on the grid, because Michael had a faster tie in his semi. Before the start if the final Michael had some problems with his car and he was not able to make the start but started a lap later. At the start Steven and I pulled away from the field. And I was able to extend my lead from Steven to about 4 – 6 seconds and it stayed that way the whole race. As MichaeI started a lap later I knew he wasn’t going to change tires and we had to. So eventually he could close the lap at the 2nd half of the final to Steven and had battled Steven for the 2nd spot. Eventually Steven came in as 2nd and Michael as 3rd.

Pos Name Laps Time Best Medium Car / Engine
1 Ermen John 110 30:03.863 15.290 16.398 Xray RX8 / REDS / BLITZ
2 Cuypers Steven 110 30:08.263 15.258 16.438 Mugen MRX5 / Picco
3 Salven Michael 110 30:12.905 15.328 16.480 Serpent 977 / Picco
4 Wurst Christian 109 30:15.105 15.522 16.652 Serpent 977 / Sirio
5 Vahrenkamp Ralf 104 30:02.758 16.087 17.334
6 Lenaers John 101 30:07.153 16.233 17.892 Mugen MRX5 / OS
7 Rischard Dirk 84 27:13.792 15.567 19.449 Serpent 977 / Xceed
8 Kröger Thomas 46 22:06.338 16.452 28.833
9 Meister Karl-Heinz 42 16:09.554 15.838 23.084 Serpent 977 / Xceed
10 Schewiola Frank 1 0:24.134 16.410 24.134 Serpent 977 / Sonic

I’m very happy with the result and how the car and engine performed whole weekend! How could I not be: TQ, Fastest lap of the day (15,075) & the win.

Thanks to Ismail and Frank for the fast fuelstops and tire change. And thanks to my sponsors for the support: Team Xray, REDS Engines, Blitz Bodies, Team Titan, Tornado Fuel, Matrix Tires, FVSS Shop, and RC Car Color.

Next race: Regional West German Nats in Bad-Breisig in 2 weeks
Until next time. CU!

Source: Titan R/C

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