Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Close Look To The Newly Released ORCA VX3 Electronic Speed Controller Available Soon @ Quantum!

ORCA VX3 Electronic Speed Controller arriving soon. Here is a close look at the newest generation of the ORCA VRITRA series speedo, the ORCA VX3!

Featuring a 3-body full aluminum structure to improve heat dissipation even more. ORCA designed FETs technology provides lower internal resistance, cooler running temperatures and stability in the product allowing more improvements in the firmware design. Laser-etching logos on the body styles the matte black speedo.

ORCA VX3 are known to come with all-black wirings including 13 GA wires, on/off switch, receiver cable and a program card cable. Standard items also features an all-new 30mm ultra-high speed fan, black cable ties, and the ever popular ORCA 16V capacitor.

Connection from the VX3 to the Program Card is now via an external port for easier access, which avoid the receiver cable from being pulling in and out all the time.

You can now pre-order the ORCA VX3 speedo now @ Quantum!

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