Saturday, October 25, 2014

ARC R10 2015 ATS Version 1/10 Competition Touring Car now in stock @ Quantum!

ARC celebrate the release of the ATS rear suspension, producing a new kit, named R10 2015 ATS Version which will feature the new ATS suspension and a number of key option parts.

Team ARC are proud to introduce a new rear suspension named Active Toe System (ATS) for the ARC R10 2015, which allows you to adjust the amount of rear toe angle to suit your track conditions or personal driving style. By placing shims in either the inner or outer mounting points for the drag link, the toe angle can provide up to 1.5 degrees of toe change as the suspension compresses through the corner.

The benefit of the ATS is that is can provide the R10 with more steering on-power when exiting the corner. Testing has shown that improved lap times are possible on asphalt tracks in medium to high traction conditions. The ATS allows the rear of the car to free up through the corner and minimize understeer.

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