Friday, October 31, 2014

ARC R10'15 A-Finalist in Modified and Super Stock 13.5T at 2014 IIC Las Vegas

Team ARC was at the recent 2014 IIC or International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas. Being the silver sponsor for the 2014 IIC, Team ARC brought together a good numbers of drivers to the event. Organized by Scotty Ernst and celebrating their 10th year anniversary, this annual event is a popular race among RC drivers within the United States and also attracting many regular international drivers.

In the highly contested Super Stock 13.5T Blinky, newly joined ARC driver Kody Knudtson from USA did a great job qualified 4th in the A-Main while Henrik Heitsch from Germany just misses out the A-Main, qualified 10th to take 1st in the B-Main. P.Y.Tang from Singapore having a tough time getting used to the CRC carpet racing managed only 13th to sit 4th in the B-Main. Having winning the B-Main, P.Y.Tang was bumped to A-Main 10th and drove a more competitive race to finished 7th overall, while Kody Knudtson having trouble at the start fought back to 4th overall.

Top 10 Final Standings (Super Stock 13.5T):
1. (TQ) Keven Hebert
2. Mike Gee
3. Arthur Scrimo
4. Kody Knudtson - ARC R10'15 - ORCA VX3/RX3/Infinite Ultra
5. EJ Evans
6. Kyle Klingforth
7. P.Y.Tang - ARC R10'15 - ORCA VX3/TX/Infinite Ultra - BLITZ WRX - XPERT
8. Antoni Caretti
9. Sandro Kuriger
10. Robbie Dodge

In the Modified class, Kody Knudtson only ARC R10 managed to get into the A-Main and finishing a strong 9th in the finals.

Top 10 Final Standings (Modified):
1. (TQ) Ronald Volker
2. Alexander Hagberg - ORCA VX3/RX3/Infinite Ultra
3. Paul Lemieux
4. Andy Moore
5. Keven Hebert
6. Mike Haynes
7. Juho Levänen
8. Josh Cyrul
9. Kody Knudtson - ARC R10'15 - ORCA Infinite Ultra
10.Francesco Martini

Featuring the new ARC R10'15 which was just released in August 2014, most drivers in the team has great feedback and result in the new car, with the A-Finalist in Super Stock utilizing the new Aluminium 2.0mm Chassis Version 2015. As CRC carpet was known to have high traction, the aluminum chassis was chosen which was tested to be more consistent over the 5-minute run compared to the 2.25mm or 2.5mm carbon fibre chassis. Most ARC drivers ended up pretty much the same setup in the end except some personal preferences differing in electronics/motors settings and bodyshells. P.Y.Tang chose the BLITZ WRX Ultra Lightweight 0.5mm version as he prefers the center of gravity to be lower, which he did a great job in getting into the A-Finals, and the only BLITZ in the A-Main. Henrik Heitsch prefers more on the BLITZ GSF which he was more used to driving. Kody Knudtson ran a PF Mazda Speed 6 which he was more used in setup while most other ARC drivers uses a mixture of BLITZ WRX and XFR. Although the ATS or Active Toe System was readily available for the drivers at that time, the system was opted out to be used on the CRC carpet as the team had little time to do further tests. While most ARC drivers remained using the version 2015 shocks, Henrik Heitsch found that he liked the short shocks more in his R10. Full results of the IIC can be found at IIC Facebook.

Source: Team ARC

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