Friday, October 30, 2015

ORCA A-Main Finalists at the 2015 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships

Martin Bayer from Team ORCA drove impressively his ORCA-powered Xray to make it into the A-Main for both in the 2WD and 4WD at the 2015 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships. Held at the famous Yatabe Arena in Japan, both classes saw over 100 entries of the world's top off-road drivers.

Martin Bayer started off the campaign in 2WD, qualifying 9th and finished 7th. In the 4WD campaign, Martin qualified 6th and finished 7th.

2WD A-Main Final Standings:
1. Spencer Rivkin
2. Jared Tebo
3. Ryan Cavalieri
4. Neil Cragg
5. Jorn Neumann
6. Ryan Maifield
7. Martin Bayer - ORCA
8. Kody Numedahl
9. Michal Orlowski
10. Lee Martin

4WD A-Main Final Standings:
1. (TQ) Bruno Coelho
2. Naoto Matsukura
3. David Ronnefalk
4. Michal Orlowski
5. Ryan Maifield
6. Tom Cockerill
7. Martin Bayer - ORCA
8. Yusuke Sugiura
9. Hayato Matsuzaki
10. Jared Tebo

Source: Martin Bayer

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