Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ARC R8.0 Wins 2016 Jakarta Open

Team ARC Silvio Hachler took the top podium spot at the 2016 Jakarta Open in the 1/8th On-Road category. Organized by Toykar, the event was held at JITC or known as Jakarta International Twin Ciruit in Senayan, central Jakarta.

After 4 rounds of qualifying, Silvio sat in 5th position. In the Main Final, Silvio managed to climb up in position and led away to finish 1st from half way into the race with a lap advantage. Silvio's winning ARC R8.0 was equipped with prototype parts which will be released very soon after the successful results.

Final Standings 1/8th On-Road (A-Main):
1. Silvio Hachler - ARC
2. Jilles Groskamp - Infinity
3. Chavit - Infinity
4. Andy Moore - Infinity
5. Teemu Leino - Infinity
6. Trin T. - Infinity
7. Nelson Lee - Serpent
8. Izzah - Infinity
9. Simon Kurzbuch - Shepherd
10. Jesse Davis - Infinity

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