Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ARC R11 wins 2016 Village Raceway Club Race

Austin Wolfe wins 17.5T Touring at the 2016 Village Raceway Club Race. Wolfe uses the ARC R11 to take the top spot, qualified in 2nd.

"The ARC Crew traveled down south for some club racing at the Village Raceway today. It was a great day of racing and traction was at an all time high! Due to some problems in qualifying, I managed in the 2 spot behind a fast Mr. TQ Peter J Pepe. In the main, I was able to pull a big enough lead to cruise to the finish in 1st place. I am happy to say all of our ARC drivers did great today. Sean Sewell placing 2nd in 21.5! A special shout out to Little Peter Pepe placing 3rd for his first Podium finish!! And Jim Corbitt for placing his R11 in the top 5 of the A-main of 17.5. Thanks to Valkaria RC Team ARC USA BLITZ Bodyshell!"

Source: ARC

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