Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BLITZ GSF-II 1/10th EP 190mm Bodyshell now in stock @ Quantum!

Team Titan Blitz is proud to introduce the BLITZ GSF-II 190mm 1/10th sedan body. Building on the characteristics of the original, the GSF-II has been further refined to provide outstanding steering response and increased stability.

Updated aerodynamic design provides a noticeable increase in stability both on and off power while the improved steering response provides a more accurate feel, which makes the BLITZ GSF-II suitable for both asphalt and carpet racing on all traction conditions. The specifications meet the 1/10 190mm GBS body rule and is FEMCA approved.

Additional features include reference marks for different body mounting positions on ARC R10 and R11 chassis, as well as standard markings to allow you to mount onto all other brand chassis, while the wing mounting platforms allow for a wide adjustment range for mounting of the rear wing to provide further handling options.

The standard BLITZ GSF-II is manufactured from 0.8mm high quality polycarbonate, and 0.7mm lightweight version. Supplied unpainted with protective film, window mask, wing mounting hardware and sticker sheet.

For more information, please visit www.quantumracing-rc.com or contact us at enquiries@quantumracing-rc.com

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