Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ARC R11 wins 2016 Norwegian Indoor Nationals

Last race of Norwegian National indoor season held this weekend in Trondheim in the middle of Norway some 500km North of Oslo. The track was a good size but quite bumpy in the beginning. Our ARC cars performed well and Helge Johannessen took TQ with the R11 in front of Andreas Daving running Yokomo, Roy Gjemble with Schumacher. I was nr 4 with R11 and Geir Bjarte Terum 5th with R10 2015 Black Edition. After the finals Helge takes the win in front of Andreas and me with Geir on 4th.

Since this was the last indoor race of the season this was the final result of the series:
1: Helge Johannessen - ARC R11
2: Geir Bjarte Terum - ARC R10
3: Lars A. Andersen - ARC R11

Source: ARC

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